Cereal boxes of joy

Cereal boxes of joy

Grace C, Student Journalist

After the last collection date of the DPMS Cereal Drive on 12/10, all the donations will be sent to Midvale Elementary School. 

As the Christmas season is approaching, people are starting to dust off decor from the attic, shop for presents at the local department store, wear silly Christmas sweaters and Santa hats, and share the joy that only Christmas can bring, with music, food, friends and family. While for some people, each of these traditions along with the beloved Christmas break are just some of the things that make the season merry and bright, for others, home is a place without enough food. 

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), “NSLP [National School Lunch Program] participation averaged 22.6 million children each school day.” About 80% of the school lunch meals were at a reduced price because of increased food insecurity during the pandemic. Studies have also shown that food impoverished students received more of their nutrients from school lunches than other children. These cereal boxes will mean more to the kids at Midvale Elementary than we can even imagine, and Draper Park is so lucky to have this opportunity to serve the community.

As of Thursday, Dec 2nd, we were 304 boxes away from the National Junior Honors Society’s Goal of 750, and today we are only 10 boxes away. Team Freyr has a safe lead of 170 boxes, but Thor collected over 90 boxes today. These high numbers are exciting, but besides a team pizza party, the most important thing is that each student at Midvale Elementary will take one box of cereal home for the holidays. 

If you want to donate, all you have to do is look for the colorful table right as you walk in the front doors, where you can donate a box or bag of cereal. Let’s remember the spirit of Christmas and spread joy throughout Salt Lake.

NJHS members helping to collect boxes