Top 5 grossest candy cane flavors

Top 5 grossest candy cane flavors

Bently Paynter

It’s Christmas time! Candy shops all around the world are making the famous Christmas treat, candy canes! Did you know there are 25 flavors of candy canes in the world! So here are the top 5 grossest candy cane flavors! 

#1= Ham! There is a ham flavored candy cane. It is called hamdy cane. Gross! 

#2= Wasabi! Most people use wasabi for sushi, but I guess there are unique people out there that thought this was necessary.    

#3= Clam! Clam is a sea food! It can have pearls inside! But they have a very strong/Weird taste!   

#4= Rotisserie Chicken! Chicken is so good for salads, but NOT candy canes! No thank you!

Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!