FCC filing of soon to come IKEA wireless charger

This wireless charger is already being sold in Germany


Braden Gibbons, Student Writer

Ikea is going to be selling a wireless charger for your phone. It’s in the Nordmärke family of chargers, and is currently being sold in Germany. You can’t find it on Ikea’s website, but you can find their FCC filing with the product listing FHO-E2108.

Just like Ikea’s other wireless chargers, wireless chargers work with a magnet pad that when you put your phone (or any other compatible electronic) on the charging pad, it starts juicing up, just like you sticking your phone on a charger. The first wireless charger was made by Samsung for the Droid Charge. Apple has also in the coming years released their Mag Safe line of add ons. Some of them can even charge your phone without it plugging in. Anker, another company, also makes good wireless chargers for your phone. Wireless chargers are a great alternative if you want an easy way to juice up your phone.

Ikea’s charger charges at a sleepy 5W rate. It requires a 10W power supply so make sure you bring a charging brick. Look out for this in the near future!