Should middle school dances be a thing?

Should middles schools have school dances?

Should middle school dances be a thing?

Mckayla A

Around this time of year high schoolers are getting ready for winter dances. Should middle schoolers be doing the same.

Some people think middle school dances should be a thing that all middle schools do. A student from team Thor said, “ Yes because students wait 3 years to go to a dance but they wanna go now with their friends.”

A student from team Freyja said, “Yes because it would be so fun to dance with your crush.”

Some people think it is not a good idea to have school dances. A student from team Odin said, “ No, because it would distract students from learning and students are too young to be in that  type of drama. Like if you get a date for the dance.”

Students from Draper Park Middle School like the idea and some do not. Some other middle schools like Summit Academy have winter dances and some don’t like Indian Hills and Draper Park Middle School.