Top ten December activities!

Top ten December activities!

Emri O

Christmas is coming up and it feels like it came so fast. There are 10 things people can do in December for Christmas.

Number one there is a horse-drawn sleigh ride at Deer Valley Resort. It looks very magical in a snowy mountain sitting in a sleigh.

Number two going, Fat-Tire snow biking. This is very fun because everyone can go biking in the snow and feel the Christmas vibe.

Number three is the Midway Ice Castles. This is a very cool place and has a very big snowy ice castle and it has colorful lights to make it look even cooler. The midway ice castle has some ice slides and is very fun.

Number four is ice skating. There are many different ice skating places nearby and it is still fun if you do not know how to ice skate.

Number five is ice fishing. Ice fishing is super fun for everyone who likes to fish. It is cooler to be on the ice and fish.

Number six is dog sledding. This is more expensive than the other things and is located in Park City but it is very fun because you’re in a sled that dogs pull you in.

Number seven is bobsledding in the Olympic track. It is $195 per person but it is worth it to have the experience.

Number eight is Soldier Hollow tubing. Tubing is popular and fun. Soldier Hollow tubing has a 1200 ft. length sliding lane and has lifts.

Number nine is the Homestead crater in Midway.  There is a hole at the top of the dome letting in sunlight and fresh air while the interior stays heated by the mineral water at a constant range of 90 – 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

Number ten is Scofield Snowmobile Complex. This place is so fun because there are many different trails to go to and it is very snowy to go on a snowmobile.