Hot or cold

Hot or cold

Samantha R, Student Writer

A lot of people have mixed feelings about winter, some good and some bad.

Winter can be a good season because there are sports that can be enjoyed such as skiing and snowboarding. Winter also brings fun holidays, like Christmas. Most people, whether they like winter or not, love Christmas. 

A student here at Draper Park says, “I hate winter because I have to do swimming practice in the bubble.” Another student said that, “I love winter because it has snow.”

Many other students, when asked, agreed that winter is a great season.

However, some people don’t like winter for different reasons. A couple of Draper Park students said that winter is too cold.

One student said is that they dislike how early it gets dark. One other reason that came up was that every time people went outside, their hands got cold.

Overall though, most people seemed to enjoy winter rather than hate it.