Theatre classes at DPMS


Photo Credit: Jane J.

Jane J., Journalist

Students at DPMS have the opportunity to take four theatre classes during their time here.
These four classes are Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced semester one, and semester two theatre.

As registration for next year’s classes looms on the horizon, many eighth and even seventh graders feel as though it is too late to start taking the classes, because most of those in Beginning Theatre are sixth graders.

As one who is taking Beginning (and Intermediate) Theatre in eighth grade, I strongly encourage everybody to sign up for at least beginning theatre next year. It is so fun, and gives you so many valuable life skills!

Seventh-grader, Josie Aho, said, “It was really fun… and I loved Mrs. Heiner. I always had a good grade in [theatre] and she always made everything fun.”

Mrs. Heiner is a brilliant teacher and gives her students an unparalleled appreciation for this art form.

Registration for incoming eighth graders starts in February and at the start of January, 2022, students can apply for schedule changes for next semester, so it’s not too late to take theatre!