The homework debate


Alli P and Helena G

Many students are given excessive amounts of homework at DPMS. Is this really necessary or is it just excessive stress for students? As many people know, homework was originally a punishment given to students for misbehaving and the creator didn’t intend for it to be mandatory. 

 The average student goes to school for 7 hours (only an hour less than a full time job) which is a long time. School is also cutting into students’ freetime; many students stay up very late to finish an assignment, causing them to be very tired in the morning so they can’t focus at school.  

 Layla Anderson, a 7th grade student at Draper Park Middle School, states, “I get way too much homework. I usually get math and Utah Studies homework which takes me 30-45 minutes. This is way too stressful between homework and studying for tests. The work helps with my understanding a little bit, but not really.” Another 7th grade student, Chloe Maddox, says, “I get a large amount of homework, but if I finish it during class, it isn’t bad. If I am unable to finish during class, I would have one hour of homework from my math and ELA classes. I think homework is helpful if someone doesn’t understand the topic, but otherwise it is not helpful.”

 In the book. The Homework Myth,  by Alife Kohn, states, “Fourth grade students who did no homework got roughly the same score on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) math exam as those who did 30 minutes of homework a night. Students who did 45 minutes or more of homework a night actually did worse.” Homework can be just extra stress for students and even though it can help, especially before a big test, a lot of the time the work is not necessary.