Mrs. Woodbury


Payton L, Student Writer

Mrs.Woodbury is a teacher at Draper Park Middle School on team Odin. She teaches 7th and 8th grade math. This is her first year teaching but she was a student teacher and was a long term sub for Mrs. Sullivan and a lot of other teachers. Mrs. Woodbury said her biggest fear is being alone. Her family likes to show love to each other by making jokes and being sarcastic.

She would sing “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen at karaoke night!

As a child, Woodbury got a Barbie doll at the age of seven. She says it was her worst gift ever! I asked her what her favorite type of foreign food was and she replied with “Italian!”. Italian is pretty good! She claims to be a clean person.

Woodbury has only been here for a little while, but she knows how to teach. She is an awesome teacher and her teaching skills are different from any other. She just graduated! Mrs. Woodbury is in portable 3 if you ever want to stop by and see her!