Mrs. Smart: An Amazing Teacher Aide


Olivia S, Student Writer

Mrs. Smart is a teacher aide at Draper Park Middle School on Team Frigga. Smart has been with 6th graders this year and last year. She taught 7th grade her first year here. She has been working here for the past three years. She is a mom of three and has a dog named Otis. She went to school at Snow College and BYU. 

Smart loves to watch Pride and Prejudice and will watch it when she gets the chance. The spiciest thing she ate in her life was the candy Fireballs. If she were to choose a holiday movie to watch she would pick Home Alone because it reminds her of her childhood. Her favorite thing to do is watch the Utah Jazz. Smart also likes to shop, take pictures and exercise. 

Mrs. Smart is a glass half full type of person most of the time depending on her mood. Her favorite foreign food is Japanese and she does not like surprises. If you ever want to see her  can you find her in the purple hall.