Mr. Ricks

Mr. Ricks

Emri O

Mr. Ricks is a teacher at Draper Park Middle School and teaches 7th grade Utah studies. Mr Ricks said his favorite food is hamburgers and fries and he has three daughters 17, 15 and 10 years old. Mr Ricks says one of the only meals they eat at his house that no one complains about is French dip sandwiches. 

Mr Ricks and his family have a cool tradition that on the first day of every month they have a silly competition to see who can be the first to say “White Rabbit!” to the others and whoever says it first gets good luck for the whole month! 

When Mr. Ricks laughs really hard it’s from Mr. Fosse’s reaction when Mr. Ricks gets a certain song stuck in his head (Ashokan Farewell). Mr Ricks’s favorite vacation was when he took his family camping in Snow Canyon near St. George. They woke up surrounded by the rugged, red-rock scenery and enjoyed a day hiking through ancient lava flows, playing in the sand, and relaxing.

The last movie Mr. Ricks went to was No Time to Die with his youngest daughter in October.