Weathering and erosion in 7th grade


Marshall O., Student Writer

At DPMS, in Mrs. Stenten Lee’s,  science class students did an experiment before Thanksgiving that shows the steps of breaking down rocks. 

The experiment materials included: 1 container, 4 sugar cubes, 4 marbles, a balance and a paper towel. Using all of the materials students put the sugar cubes and the marbles in the container and shook it 100 times.  After shaking, students used the balance to see the weight. The students repeated this process 4 times increasing the amounts of shaking each time.

This experiment showed students how pressure affects rocks shapes and sizes. The students in Mrs. Stenten Lee’s class observed how the sugar cubes were like sedimentary rocks and how they break down so easily. At the end of the experiment the sugar cubes were tiny and were about half it’s original weight.

All 7th grade students participated in the experiment and had to graph the weight difference between the beginning and the end.

The students had to do a lab check at the end of the experiment to see if their hypothesis was correct.