Kids going crazy when teachers are out


Libby C., Author

Many teachers don’t want to have to take a day off because of the kids’ behavior when they’re gone. Students think it’s their opportunity to be crazy when there is a substitute teacher. This includes saying inappropriate things to the substitute teacher and even running out in the middle of class.  

The district is facing substitute teaching shortages, so this kind of behavior from students doesn’t help.

Two weeks ago, Mr Fosse, a Utah Studies teacher here on Freyr got Covid-19, making him have to get a sub. This led to a student moaning at the sub and even leaving at some point. Many of the boys in Fosse’s class were laughing and misbehaving. Ava Bridagin, a student in the class, said, “I think it’s horrible that Mr. Fosse has to come back to all these bad notes about his classes.”

Many students around the school have been saying this, too. When teachers come back after having a sub students comment things like, “I can’t focus [with a substitute] when these kids are being annoying and disrupting the class.”

So please, to all the students who are causing problems with substitute teachers, please stop.  It’s making the students and teachers very frustrated and tired.