Mrs. Haydock


Paisley D., Student Writer

Mrs. Haydock is the best teacher at DPMS!

Mrs. Haydock is a Utah studies teacher on 7th grade Team Freyja. But she’s more than just a teacher, she loves to do many other things too! An activity she likes to do is to travel. One day she hopes to have seen every continent including Antarctica! She hopes to go on a one year cruise around the world when she retires.

Another thing she loves is videos of cats dancing or doing funny things. She loves her seventh graders and says they make her laugh. She has two adorable kids she loves, one boy in 5th grade and a girl in 4th. She loves the color blue and loves her job. She is a hard working teacher who has dedication in all she does. She is very good at helping kids learn and grow. When you’re voting for teacher of the year vote for her!