Covid booster



Pfizer says a booster dose of vaccine could prevent Covid from staying. A booster dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine appears to provide strong protection against more cases of Covid. NBC news says that the lab has studied the results and said to show a third dose of their vaccine provides a similar level of neutralizing antibodies vs. two doses against the original coronavirus and other variants that have emerged. They also said, “Blood samples from those who received only the primary series of the vaccine, on average, did see a 25-fold drop in antibodies against the new variant. That may indicate that two doses of the vaccine may not be sufficient to protect against infection with omicron, although they may still prevent severe disease, the companies said.

 You have to get the first 2 shots before getting the booster. The booster is an extra little dose of the vaccine. The booster is half of the full vaccine and is just a little extra booster to help really prevent Covid. It says on the Covid-19 (CDC) website you have to be at least 18 to get the booster. Get your Pfizer booster to get prevention from Covid.