Mr. Warner

Mr. Warner

Grace C, Student Journalist

Mr. Warner is an 8th grade science teacher on Team Njord. He is more of a quiet person, but is naturally funny and has a dry sense of humor. Warner makes sure we are always prepared for tests and quizzes with Quizlets, Gimkits, and Kahoots galore! Recently, we had a quiz when the internet wasn’t functioning properly. Some periods weren’t able to take the quiz or even finish it, but he graciously allowed everyone an extra day to finish the assignment. 

Apart from school, he has three daughters and one son that are all above the age of 17. His favorite vacation was traveling to Costa Rica where he witnessed a sea turtle lay eggs, helped to rehabilitate injured animals, and visited an animal sanctuary in the rainforest. 

Mr. Warner enjoys food from around the same region as Costa Rica, and reports that his favorite places to eat out are the Red Iguana (authentic Mexican food) and Tucanos (Brazilian food). During the Christmas season, he likes to try different food from other cultures and experience their traditions as well. Another Christmas tradition he has is watching Christmas themed movies with his family.

You certainly don’t want to get on the bad side of Mr. Warner because he has a black belt in the mixed martial art of Kwon Shu Karate! A few more of his hobbies include painting with oils and drawing. 

All in all, Mr. Warner is a science teacher during the school day, but has hobbies, traditions, memories, and a life outside of school, just like we all do.