Phone addictions hurt students learning


New and improved phones have come out to impress people. The scientists from apple came out with the Iphone-6s that is bigger and more reliable.

By Elizabeth Johnson

Beep, 5 new message notifications, but wait, phones aren’t supposed to be used in class. Phone addiction is becoming more of a problem in the middle school world.

“Students will be distracted, they won’t be listing, and they are constantly checking their pockets,” said Krista Dodds, 7th grade ELA teacher.

It’s no secret that phones and tablets can be distractions, and most teens are spending seven and a half hours on them each day, according to the Washington Post.

“It’s very important that students are engaged in class. I only get them for one hour so it’s essential that the kids are focused,” said Cynthia Krueger, math teacher.

Sadly more and more kids are becoming addicted to their phone, and phone addictions can have serious affects on a teen’s brain and health, according to

“Well, like any addiction, kids feel like they have to check their phones every so often. They would get like jittery and they would have anxiety, when they didn’t check their phone. They would hear that buzz and they needed to know who texted and why. I think it’s sad that they can’t have fun without their phone,” said Christina Stenten, 7th grade science teacher.