Ms. Harrison

Ms. Harrison

Alli P, Student Writer

Ms.Harrison is a 7th grade teacher at DPMS. She teaches ELA on team Freyja. She is pretty awesome. A lot of her students would say she is amazing. Not only is Ms.Harrison a great teacher,  but a fun person, too! 

Ms.Harrison says on her days off, if the weather is nice, she loves to go backpacking and if the weather is not so nice she loves to curl up with a book. Her favorite book is The Deep of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon. 

If Ms.Harrison had a superpower it would be to travel through both time and space and explore historical and distant places. Her favorite ice cream flavor and topping is mint chocolate chip cookie dough with fudge on top. 

The best vacation Ms.Harrison ever took was, in college with her roommate, they went to Jeju Island, South Korea, known for the unusually sweet oranges called “hallabong” oranges. Ms. Harrison says they were so good, she and her roommate got to pick some at an orchid by a beach. They biked the island and ate a lot of good food and weird seafood. 

Ms. Harrison is in room 2415 in the orange hall if you ever want to stop by and say hi!