DPMS dance recital


Saige R and Myla T

The DPMS dance classes are hosting a Christmas performance on December 14th 2021. All DPMS dancers will be participating in the dance performance. The theme of the event is Sugar Plum Fairy, inspired by the popular ballet, The Nutcracker. Mrs.Wilson, the talented dance teacher here at DPMS, has spent the last few months creating these dances that they will be performing.

The school will provide costumes that the dancers will be wearing for the event. Their costumes are long grey dresses that have a slit up the sides of their legs and stop at their hips. This helps so it’s easy to move in. They are also wearing red lipstick so that their faces pop. The dancers are performing contemporary and Hip hop. The songs that they are dancing to are the Sugar Plum remix and Arabian. 

Students in class practice their dances in Mrs. Wilson’s classroom. When it comes closer to the performance the practice in the auditorium.