Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Wilson

Anna Y, Student Writer

Mrs. Wilson is the dance teacher here at DPMS. She has been teaching for 15 years. She loves to exercise, especially doing yoga. She also likes to bake many different yummy treats. She has a 15 year old son, Staley and a 7 year old daughter, Talia. Her husband’s name is Jimmy. In her family are also two dogs, a teacup poodle named Joey and a poodle named Tinker. She and her family love hiking, going to Disneyland, watching movies together, and going on road trips. 

The messiest person she knows is her husband because he never throws anything away and is just super messy.

“I have a bad back, and all I did one day was step off the curb onto the street and I threw my back out and could barely walk.” She says while she thinks back on how she injured herself in the most ridiculous way. The best thing she has ever bought was when she had her entire yard redone. She had put in a basketball court and fire pit for her kids. They have had lots of great family time outside. And the worst thing Mrs. Wilson said she bought was hermit crabs. They were an Easter present for her family but they grossed everyone out so bad she had to give them away.

The most interesting thing Mrs. Wilson has seen this week is when she read about a group of 50 dads that volunteer at a high school that was having major problems with students fighting and causing problems. After the dads started showing up and hanging out in the halls and getting to know the students, the students became happier and stopped fighting with each other. It changed the entire school’s attitude. She thought that was really great.If Mrs. Wilson could time travel anywhere, she would love to go to Italy because she has family that she has never met in Europe. She would love to go and meet them. 

 Overall, she is a really great teacher. She is fun, interactive, and makes school more exciting. She is patient and makes sure everyone is comfortable with what they are doing. Don’t forget to see the different dance concerts that she puts on every year. She works really hard on them and they are always so fun.