Ms. Ryan

Ms. Ryan

Bronson E, Student Writer

Ms. Ryan is a US History teacher at Draper Park Middle School. She is a history teacher for 8th grade and teaches on Team Heimdall. Ms. Ryan is a great person and an even better teacher. Ms. Ryan was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a fan of everything Baltimore, especially the NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens.

Ms. Ryan was very active as a kid. She was attracted to lacrosse and still has lacrosse sticks by her desk in the front of her classroom. After finishing her degree at the University of Maryland, she became a teacher. She originally began teaching in the Baltimore area for a year then moved to Utah. She tells us all the time about how grading was so different out there and if you didn’t turn in an assignment on the day it was due, there was no late work acceptance.

Ms. Ryan, as a teacher, is great because of the assignments she has us do. For instance, we do a lot of comic strips and other assignments in Google Slides. She does an activity called vocabulary words. These words are words we are learning about during the week. Then, we define these words and draw a picture that helps show what they are.

This is Ms. Ryan’s 3rd year teaching and second year at Draper Park. I asked Ms. Ryan some questions like, “What made you get into teaching, history in particular?,” In which she responded, “My mom was a teacher and loved teaching, so it was an easy decision to become a teacher myself. I decided to teach history because I think it’s fun and interesting.” She loves teaching because she gets to hang out with fun kids and teach her favorite subject!

Ms Ryan’s favorite restaurant is Vessel Kitchen.  She says there is one in Cottonwood Heights and it’s delicious! Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because of the great historical background it has and of course, the yummy food.