Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Thompson

Mckayla A, Student Writer

Mrs. Thompson is the ceramics teacher at Draper Park Middle School. She’s very unique and has an awesome personality. She has been teaching ceramics for 19 years.

She is very artistic and can make some awesome things out of clay into beautiful masterpieces. One of her hobbies is hiking, and another one is cooking. She likes to hangout with her friends and go snowboarding and skiing in the winter in the Utah mountains.

She likes to watch soccer games and winter sports.

She has an 8 year old daughter. She likes to go on road trips in her Sprinter Van across the country. All of her extended families live in the midwest.

Her favorite food is Thai food. Mrs. Thompson’s favorite spot to go on vacation is in Wisconsin at Lake Superior in the summer to hangout with her family and friends. Her favorite place that she has visited is Italy.