Mrs. Abercombie

Mrs. Abercombie

Samantha R, Student Writer

Mrs. Abercrombie is one of the 4 teachers on Team Balder.  She teaches science in the purple hall.  She teaches class using a lot of fun labs, especially at the end of the year.

Mrs. Abercrombie is a mix between an early bird and a night owl. She wakes up very early on the weekdays, but sleeps in on the weekend.

Mrs. Abercrombie’s favorite thing to do outside of class is running or any type of exercising. She said her least favorite food is liver, any type of liver meat, which most people can agree on.

The funniest memory she has is when she was in her car, and she thought the newspaper deliverer was trying to steal her car. So she jumped out of her car and started yelling at the newspaper deliverer.

Her favorite vacation is when she went to Maui, Hawaii, which is where she got married at a beach during sunset.