Ms. Muir

Ms. Muir

Myla T

Ms. Muir is a funny, interactive science teacher here at DMPS. She has been teaching here ever since Draper Park opened and has greatly impacted years of students. She wants all of her students to succeed and has a very funny sense of humor. If one of her students likes BYU, get ready to be roasted because this smart loving UTES fan is good.

Ms. Muir lives with her two dogs Moqui and Winston. Moqui is a shi-ba-inu and Winston is a Border Colley shelty mix. These two dogs were saved and now live with Ms. Muir. Her favorite country in the world is Peru which is in South America east of Brazil. She likes Peru because of a beautiful place called Colca Canyon. It is double as deep as the Grand Canyon and is filled with many beautiful plants and animals.

Her favorite color is purple because of all of the possible tones there can be. Ms. Muir LOVES dinosaurs and has gone on many hunts, but her favorite by far was her most recent hunt back in October. She went looking for a tyrannosaurus rex in Grand Staircase. While there, she also found a stegosaurus’s back blades and had an amazing time.

Her favorite unit in all of science in the year starts around January.  It is the chemical unit. “Blowing things up is the best,” she says with a smile.