Mrs. Goodrich

Mrs. Goodrich

Beau F, Student writer

Mrs. Goodrich is the Spanish 1B teacher. She doesn’t have a room so she uses other teachers’ rooms. She also teaches Latinos in Action. Sra. Goodrich makes her class fun. She also does Gimkits to help with learning. 

Sra. Goodrich likes to teach Spanish because Goodrich likes working with kids and loves Spanish. Goodrich also said that she taught history in college but wanted to teach Spanish instead, and Goodrich liked that with Spanish you had a choice to take it, not to be forced to take it. 

Goodrich also said that Action movies weren’t her favorite but she does recall that she watched all the Superman movies when she was younger.  Likewise Goodrich likes the Incredibles more than action movies but doesn’t think it is an action movie.

Additionally Goodrich said that she kinda liked sports but didn’t watch them a lot unless at her college, where they would play Basketball games. Plus when Goodrich was teaching Spanish for her first year, one of her students was on the team.

On top of that she really liked to live In Wyoming, Goodrich said that in her Graduating school, there were 200 people so Goodrich pretty much knew everybody. Goodrich also lived in Washington D.C and said how big it is but Goodrich also said how Washington D.C had many opportunities for work, etc. She also said that she lived in Peru for a little bit.

Furthermore one of her favorite books is “ The Secret Garden” which was published in 1911. The book is about Mary Lennox who is a spoiled girl who lives in India, and is moved to Yorkshire after her parents die. After this her friend tells Mary about this secret garden that one of their neighbors have.

Sra. Goodrich is one of my favorite Spanish teachers and I really hope she keeps teaching at this school for years to come.