Mrs. Pedersen

Mrs. Pedersen

Ashlyn C, Student Writer

Mrs. Pedersen is an 8th grade ELA teacher on Team Heimdall. She’s been teaching for nine years—all at DPMS—and has many hobbies and interests outside of her school life. 

Mrs. Pedersen loves to read, but that’s not all she does. Some of her favorite activities with her family include hiking and camping, playing games, and spending time outside. Though she enjoys being in the snow, her favorite season is spring. This is due in part to Mrs. Pedersen’s large garden. After planting vegetables, she gets a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that her family will be able to enjoy them soon. She loves her home-grown vegetables, but her favorite dessert is hot apple crisp, topped with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream. 

When it comes to entertainment, Mrs. Pedersen has good taste. One of her favorite books is The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas. The book focuses on Edmond Dantès, a man who has been betrayed by his best friend. Pedersen loves the intricacy of his plot for revenge, but that’s not all she likes. One movie that she really enjoys is Gone With the Wind. She loves to see the costumes in the movie, as well as the culture in the South in the time of the American Civil War. 

Mrs. Pedersen is a much-loved teacher at Draper Park Middle School.