Teacher Feature- Mrs. Heiner

Teacher Feature- Mrs. Heiner

Josie Aho , student writer

Erica Heiner is a theater teacher here at Draper Park Middle school. She teaches beginning theater, intermediate theater, and advanced theater. She is one of the best teachers at Draper Park Middle school. She teaches in a fun and welcoming way.

This Christmas she will be spending it with her family. It’s her daughter’s second Christmas and she is looking forward to sharing Christmas traditions and opening presents with her.

Mrs. Heiner’s favorite foods are brownies and cheesecake. Though She will never say no to a cheeseburger or Chinese food.

Mrs. Heiner loves to teach. She loves all the different units. If she had to choose a favorite thing to teach it would have to be helping each student dig deeper into their characters and bring a believable and heartfelt performance to the stage.

 Mrs. Heiner has lots of pets. She has four snakes, two spiders, and three betta fish. She has always had a soft spot for her corn snake Ragnar. Ragnar is a rescue snake and has a big personality. Mrs. Heiner loves to watch her poke her head out when Mrs. Heiner is in the room.

 Last year Mrs. Heiner had her daughter in the fall witch was a big change for her and and effect of that is she didn’t get to start working on the musical until February and she couldn’t cast all the amazing people that audition but now this year she gets to have a big group of kids for the school play.

 Overall Mrs. Heiner is an amazing person and you should take theater if that sounds interesting to you or you could recommend it to any other friends make sure to say hi to Mrs. Heiner in the hall!