Mrs. Mickelson


Emma G-S, Student Writer

Mrs. Mickelson is one of the best teachers in the entire school! She teaches U.S History on team Njord, which is also the best 8th grade team! Mrs. Mickelson is not on the quiet side, and has a punny sense of humor. Not only is she an amazing teacher but she is an amazing person as well.

She is football team Notre Dame all the way, which is the 5th team in the country. Whenever she’s hungry and needs a snack, her go to food is chips and salsa. Whenever she is not at school, she enjoys spending time with her lovely husband and 3 kids. Something cool about her kids is that Mrs. Mickelson raised 2 of her kids when they were 3 and 5, the other she had biologically.

Also, Mrs. Mickelson’s favorite gift is her engagement ring from her husband. How sweet!  Not being the best teacher she can be 100% of the time is her biggest failure. She also states, “I lead a very blessed and grateful life.  My family is healthy and I am surrounded by them on a regular basis, both my immediate and extended family.  I am thankful to teach in such a wonderful school with amazing students…”  

Mrs. Mickelson is a very fun teacher, and its super fun to be in her class. One of her favorite plays is Hamilton, and she loves showing us the lyrics to some songs, and some scenes from The John Adams movie (and she loves to point out the ‘hot’ guys)! We also occasionally do some comic strips, and every week there is a booklet check. There is also a lot of essays. But Mrs. Mickelson does not like to consider these essays, ‘essays.’ Apparently 3 paragraphs is not long enough!

Overall, we can all agree that Mrs. Mickelson is a pretty great teacher!