Mrs. Seaborn

Mrs. Seaborn

Dani H, writer

Mrs. Seaborn is a 6th grade science teacher at Draper Park. She teaches on team Frigga. Mrs. Seaborn is an amazing teacher and  everybody loves her. She once said her favorite color is yellow because it reminds her of happiness and the sun. Seaborn’s favorite joke is,  “What did one wall say to the other wall? I’ll meet you at the corner!

Seaborn has been to all kinds of different places such as Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, Peru, Palestine, Canada and more. She loves spending time with her family at Bear Lake. She loves exploring the jungles in Peru and says the when she was in Peru she got to hold a sloth, blue poison dart frog, and baby anaconda. Her teaching has brought her all around the world to help kids. 

Seaborn didn’t always want to be a teacher though.  Her dad was a doctor and her mom was a nurse so growing up she thought that she would be in the medical industry as well. She also thought that maybe she would be a coach for a sports team. When she was in high school she was in a peer leadership team to tutor local elementary schools which sparked her love for becoming a teacher. 

Mrs. Seaborn is an amazing teacher. I’m so happy she started teaching and was able to teach me in 6th grade.