Longer Passing Periods Are Needed


Katie Claar

DPMS students between 4th and 5th period with only 4 minutes.

By Ashlyn Montague

Going in between classes is hard if we only have 4 minutes to do it. There needs to be more time to get a drink, use the bathroom, and go to lockers.  Running in the halls happens because there’s too much to do in such short time.

“Yes we need longer passing periods because we don’t have time to do anything such as go to our lockers or go to the bathroom,” said Grace Mead, 7th grade.

Every year students need to spend at least 900 hours in class according to The Center For Public Education. That could be one reason why DPMS has such short passing periods. There needs to be longer passing periods though so they should make school a little longer. If we add 3 more minutes to the passing periods and 18 more minutes during the school day then we can have longer passing periods and the same amount of class time.

Quite a few students agreed that DPMS should have a longer passing period but, some disagree and think it should be kept where it is.

“No, we don’t need a longer passing period. It is good where it is. We have enough time to do what we need,” said Wyatt Ellsworth, 7th grade.

Even though people agreed and disagreed most people agreed that we need to have a longer passing period in between our classes.

“Some people feel like they don’t have time to go to their lockers or get a drink,” said Hope Mendenhall, 7th grade. 

In the morning students are walking through the halls to get to their classes. Hurrying to get their classes.
Bathrooms are needed for students and teachers during passing periods.