Alkema joins Team Balder as math teacher


By Natalie Newton

From playing with her dog to learning new skills like sewing, Stephanie Alkema is the new math teacher for Team Balder who has a wide variety of skills.

“I like the challenge of helping students feel confident in their skills and realizing they can do hard things,” said Alkema.

Alkema’s students think she is dedicated to helping them learn. Brooke Yeomans, a sixth grader in Alkema’s math class said, “One thing I like about my teacher is that she helps us get things done.”

Alkema has worked in elementary schools for eight years before this new opportunity at Draper Park. “I have a history in elementary school, so it’ll be fun to work with some older students and really focus on spreading my love of math.”, said Alkema

Alkema’s students have different things they like about their math teacher. Megan Meyer likes that she is funny and a bit of a perfectionist. Megan Aneselmo’s favorite thing about her is that she is always focused on helping them learn as much as they can every class period. Brooke Yeomans likes that she is funny.

Every teacher has a different way of helping their students learn. Megan Aneselmo says that Alkema teaches with notes, filling in the blanks and on their own, and worksheets. Brooke Yeomans said, “Ms. Alkema has us take notes on our own.”