Sports injuries a common risk for play of the game

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Peyton, editor

By Peyton Snow

Breaking bones and getting hurt can be a big deal today for some all star athletes. These athletes are often coached to play more cautiously so they can stay safe and have a good sports season.

“To stay more safe from injuries in sports, I think coaches should coach their players to play safely and prevent injury,” said Taylor Harris, 7th grade student.

Using the correct technique, according to Google is important because a lot of injuries could be prevented..

“To prevent sports injuries I think in specifically football, players could get better padding to provide better protection,” said Mason Burden, 7th grade student.

“When my sons play football we have always bought them the upgraded helmet that the teams won’t pay for. It costs us an extra $200 each season, but when compared with the risks of concussions and other head/neck injuries, it’s worth every penny,” said Lizzy Hulet, teacher.

Stop the activity if there is pain.

“So players don’t get hurt in sports, I say that the referee’s should make the rules more strict so players can prevent getting injured,” said Dylan smith, 7th grade student.img_0022