Should middle schools have more language learning classes?


Addie Cromar, Reporter

By Addie Cromar

Bonjour, Hola, Aloha, Ni Hao, Hallo. That is saying Hello in different languages. There are many students who want this school to add more language learning classes, but are also kids who don’t think added language learning classes will be a good idea.

Maddie Ross, a 7th grader, said, “Yes, so the kids interested in different languages can do it.” Some kids want to be able to learn languages, like Maddie Ross a 7th grader, and like Samantha Curtis a 7th grader.

”They should add German,” said Curtis.

Although, there are some students who don’t want there to be language learning classes, like, Morgan Brown a 7th grader who said, “No, when will we ever use it? One vacation?”

Even though DPMS does have Spanish, French immersion and Chinese immersions here at the school already, kids will want other languages as well.

Learning a second language does not cause language confusion or language delay. In fact it helps their attention span. ( Susan S. Lang).