Hayter: New ELA teacher for team Frigga


Looking at all the places she would love to travel to

By Abby Flack

Traveling, shopping, doing things around her house, are all hobbies of Kaylie Hayter, a new ELA for team Frigga.

You have to go to four years of school to get a bachelor’s degree to become a teacher, according to Study.com.

“I used to be an English major in college, because every class uses reading and writing and speaking and listening,” said Hayter.

Most teachers on average spend 53 hours working per week, according to Washington Post. So if you think that going to school for 7 hours is bad, take a walk in her shoes.

“She’s really outgoing,” said Lauren Luper, 6th grade.

“Super enthusiastic,” said Kyson Childs, 6th grade.

Hater said that she is enjoying the new school and new job.

“I love the principals, I think that they help me as a new teacher,” said Hayter.