DPMS Study Hall

Lincoln Butler

By Lincoln Butler

Study hall is wanted by many students to get their assignments turned in and to study for test and quizzes. This will help students to improve their learning and increase responsibility.

Some students are for a study hall. Orion Xiao said, “[Study hall is a] Really good idea, great way to study, do homework, and socialize with friends, really good idea.”

Also Mckoy Feurer said “I really like that idea, because I can never get my homework done, because I don’t have any free time after school.”

That response was actually very common. Educationworld.com said “The average GPA increesed immediatly by almost half a grade point.”

Izzy Brosig said “Last year I had a study hall and it really helped me get my work done.”

Study hall could help students with their grades.  So as you can see, study halls really help students with studying, doing homework, and higher test scores.

Source: Educationworld,com

Laura gunn studying for a upcoming test.
Laura Gunn studying for a upcoming test.