The Electoral College Is A Main Source Of Controversy

January 27, 2017

By Steele Smith The United States has used the Electoral College as the way to elect the president since 1787.  This recent election has caused heated debates between people who believe this system should stay, and those ...


January 25, 2017

Many people love dancing because it makes you feel good and you’re getting exercise. In dance there are requirements in order to perform an outstanding performance. If you are a beginner dancer and need tips on how to put on ...

BLOG: DIY Making a Tutu

December 12, 2016

By Maggie Peo Have you always wanted to make a tutu for your kids or pets, but lack the sewing skills? Then worry not! This tutorial is how to make a no-sew tutu for beginners. I have made this so many times for my cat...

DPMS Study Hall

Lincoln Butler

December 7, 2016

By Lincoln Butler Study hall is wanted by many students to get their assignments turned in and to study for test and quizzes. This will help students to improve their learning and increase responsibility. Some students a...

Photo Gallery 12-6

December 6, 2016

Vending Machines at DPMS

Vending Machines at DPMS

December 2, 2016

Concussions in Football

Concussions in Football

December 1, 2016