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Dani H

Dani H, student writer

Hi my name is Dani Herring and I am in 7th grade, 4 words that describe me would be Funny, Angry (sometimes), quiet, and tall. If I could live in any fictional word, I would live in the MCU i love that world so much (well besides all the crap that happens to the city) it seems so cool to be hanging out with tony stark all day. I love my dog Kobe if he was a human with hair he would red hair and would play volleyball, and soccer. His favorite game is soccer and volleyball so that’s where I got it from. I was given my name because of Danica McKeller and Danica Patrick at first I was going to be named Paris or Allison but they heard those names and thought they where really pretty (I agree to disagree). If I had a Slogan for my everyday life if would be (this is me and my friends Moto) “If your going to die, die hot.” The farthest I’ve ever traveled to is Europe, when I was about 5 or 6 me and my family took a 2 week long trip in Europe including Paris, Rome, Venice, etc. One weird thing about me is I take silks classes every Monday.

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Dani H